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Why if I click on the resolution info it tells me that the capacity of the device is 24bit / 44.1Khz when my fiio k3 comes in flac at higher resolutions? can someone explain to me how to change the drivers? on foobar2000 i use asio dsd and everything works fine.

If it is the usual online test to understand if you are able to understand the difference between lossy and lossless I would get away with that if I could run it through even the smallest of my Hi-fi systems I would recognize 100% of the tests, via mobile the 0 %

Nothing more false. Who knows where this belief comes from, mah. All those with granitic certainties who claim to hear the difference between an excellent lossy file and a lossless one, when faced with a double-blind test fail. The quality of the headphones (or speakers) counts much more to enjoy the music, instead of giving head on the fact that in some cases there is (perhaps) a difference in the sound of the cymbals.

Impossible, considered the echo’s dac. It’s full of blind tests done with much higher level equipment showing it’s all suggestion and 99% of people don’t distinguish a 320kbps file from a lossless one in any way. Too bad that on the forums only and always write the remaining (presumed) 1%.

As a Tidal user, it is welcome that other services begin to provide FLAC, it should be the basis today: in the video field we are at 4K, 8K resolutions and in the audio field Spotify with its compressed ogg vorbis is far from the CD quality that is a standard of 80’s …

I would not be wrong but I don’t think there is an app for android tv otherwise I would have already solved.

In theory from the android tv, on the amazon music app go to connect to device and connect the tv

I used tidal for 6 months using a promotion, to convince me to switch to their service once I bought the stereo system for home (now near) and I have never accused bugs or anything else. very elegant, well-finished, rich app, videos when needed, etc … the return to spotify in recent months has been tragic, although it is unbeatable as it can adapt to your tastes, it has the best algorithms of all.

Consideration after a day of use: 15 euros are 15% more than the “usual” 10 euros of lossy services, true.

But if you have a decent system, the quality is not comparable, for those who have a system capable of feeling the difference (no need for anything spatial) those 15 euros make the 10 euros requested for traditional lossy services completely out of business.

Take the trial period to believe, in the end 5 euros more a month does not change your life and after trying it there is no turning back.

Americans pay a lot more for Prime than us, $ 119 (!), So it’s actually a lot cheaper here.

I would like to use Amazon music Unlimited from my Android TV connected to the audio system but I cannot find a compatible browser. Can you help me? In case I also have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to navigate with non-optimized browsers …

Just have two excellent speakers like the Edifier to be able to grasp the fullness of sound and difference. Of course, the better the system, the more you will appreciate it, but I assure you that with my Edifier 1280T I am enjoying it.

In other countries, those who have Prime save 2 euros on the subscription, paying 12.99. I don’t understand why we Italians always have to put it in the cube.

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