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From the Rome of the Frontal Assaults to the Turin of Frankie hi-nrg mc, the rapper tells city by city the key pieces of the golden age of Italian hip hop. This is how it was before Rolex, the “girls”, lean and the internet

Piotta records ‘Il duello’ in 1995 in the studio in Ostia of Sebastiano (Ice One) and Giulia (Julie P)

Rome, Milan, Varese, Turin, Bologna, Novara, Rimini, but also Abruzzo and Sardinia. Piotta guides us on a rap tour of Italy. For each city or region, he selected and commented for Rolling a piece dating back to the golden age of Italian rap.

The occasion is the publication of his album-compilation The eighth king. From 90’s Archives, available on vinyl or on streaming platforms. Composed of pieces circulated mostly on mixtapes and cassettes, it documents the origins and musical background of Piotta, linked to the Roman school and to the time when there were no Rolex, “girls”, lean or even the internet. The same world, good or bad, evoked by this playlist.

I was at school, at the Liceo Classico Giulio Cesare, with me also Brusco, the Villa Ada Posse and Chef Ragoo. It was he, knowing of my passion for hip hop made in the USA, who made me discover rap in Italian. Beating on time was the Posse Red Wave of Frontal Assaults. I ran from Music Dysfunctions in San Lorenzo to buy it.

With this piece, and also with the B side (which was not so B) I was there and we were really fixed, from me to the Danno. He made us fly, from the base to the rhymes through the graphics. A seminal record that should always be remembered, beyond Nicola Peressoni formerly Isola Posse All Star, writer and graphic designer we all know.

What do you want me to tell you … I’ve always been a fan of Luigi. Pure hardcore from the shows with Assalti, passing through the first demo and this album released for BMG, but that had nothing major. Then we were emotionally united by the dear Tortoreto Lido from which Luigi half comes from, and in general that “Costa Nostra” from Abruzzo, a source of inspiration for many of my songs.

Bologna and Milan, how not to put this piece signed by Fritz da Cat from Novecinquanta, an album where the title track of myself also appears. A big discone and a big boy who forever signs a friendship and a Bolognese style that followed that of the island differently. Joe Cassano RIP.

I shouldn’t include my songs in this playlist, but I can’t resist, also because in this case I’m a guest of friends of the Colle with the Milanese Kaos One, on a hypnotic beat by Ice One. We recorded the audition in my bedroom, and then in the studio by Sebastiano (Ice One). Beautiful days those spent around Rome on those hot summer days, from Montesacro to Ostia Lido.

Esa helped Italian hip hop a lot in those years, he did a lot of networking, creating a crazy mixtape round and always making himself available for jam and featuring. This song and this video, including my presence, perfectly recount this magical period of Italian sunshine and combos before the internet.

Perhaps the first mainstream dissing of Italian hip hop, the Article against Adriano Celentano. Adriano wanted to play the Grandmaster Flash of Italian hip hop, they ironically explained to him – also citing the Roman scene – that perhaps this was not the case. Mediatically it was win / win for both of us, brilliant!

A Roman-style Frankie. Beat from Ice One, various Rome Zoo quotes, from Krumiri to Taverna VIII Colle to all that Roman and Roman world that was in our first pieces of mine and of Colle, in the beats and scraths of Ice One. In short, that so-called Roman funk that made school.

Chronic Area. Torme at the time of the maximum record and crew expansion, with a bit of everyone in tow: from Jasmine to SabSista, from Lefty to Lyricalz, passing through the contributions of Bassi Maestro and MakuGo.

I liked Fibra and Nesli from their very first demo, my friends from K-Rimini made me listen to it, and it is no coincidence that I chose this piece by the big brother “boordel” Word. And I told him or his brother, I don’t remember which one, I think calling the landline phone at home. Timbre, metrics and that hypnotic mix of accents from Central Italy, halfway between the urban scene and the provincial scene.

A north-south combination with the gun cotton. You could see that there was true friendship and complicity between Agostino (half Neapolitan) and Polo & co. With La Famiglia we shared a lot of stages and jams and 41st Parallel was just a great album, in terms of sounds and lyrics. Not least that of Chief & Soci with the legendary Phase “The Roxy” 2, a 360 ° history of hip hop culture.

With Davide we really shared the first stirrings of Italian hip hop, from jams to mixtapes. Mutual esteem has always been remarkable, and for the artistic and managerial part, with that desire to be as independent as free to always do what we like, whether it was pure rap or crossover or North of Loreto. Great him and his numerous travel companions, starting from Rido to Kaso, from Supa to Matteo Pelli.

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