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The Entrepreneurial Warrior program offers people the opportunity to turn into a serial entrepreneur who has a vision, can think big, is durable, determined and able to establish their own business in tens of thousands of different sectors or manage special projects in an institution. Whether you are starting a business, aiming for a high-level career in the corporate world, or a superior success in sports or arts …

If you want to touch the lives of the masses by making a difference in life, realize yourself and leave a mark in the world by struggling with social problems, GİS is here to carry you to your goals!

GIS is the world’s first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship program. It trains warriors who can effectively fight social problems. It teaches participants to think versatile. Their training includes a high number of applications. During intensive field practices, the course subjects are assimilated in depth to the participants, the tricks of the work are taught, the practices that increase mental endurance are made, the leadership and teamwork skills of the participants are strengthened, the skills of inspiring, analyzing, developing strategies, taking action, managing the process and getting results are improved.

Learn everything you need to know to reach your goals with 214 lessons and 103 extraordinary practices. Don’t waste time with trial and error.

Expand your vision with 30 mentors from different disciplines, look at events from multiple angles and from different angles. See the big picture.

Become aware of your purpose and goals with intensive field practices, increase your self-confidence, courage and acumen. Be invincible.

In the past 8 years, we have packed countless successes, hundreds of inspirational stories and changing lives. But we are starting now. We have a history to be written and we are more ready than ever before.

Digital life and economy, brief human history, development processes of the internet and the rise of robots, disruption, algorithmic thought systematics, design thinking, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, genetics and DNA, gamification, data management, fundamentals of quantum physics, trusts and crowdfunding, e -commerce process flow and general terminology, the state of non-internet trade, human / robot cooperation in the new order, artificial intelligence systems and future design

History of philosophy and belief systems, entrepreneurship and game changer, great illusion, profiles in entrepreneurship, values ​​and qualities, entrepreneurship diplomacy, CEO perspective, free and in-house entrepreneurship models, Entrepreneurial Warrior, true entrepreneurship model, diameter building and revolutionary entrepreneurship, superior success components, life philosophy acquisition and luck factor, formula of perseverance, reference intervals and dark spots

Leadership character development, servant leadership, business and relationship management techniques, mission-driven leadership, power laws, golden circle, codes of conduct, communication, persuasion, mediation methods, negotiation processes, communication load, networking and photographic memory, speed reading, diction, professional image, advanced presentation techniques, personnel selection and team management, inspiring and mobilizing audiences

Warrior spirit, Bushido philosophy, limitless thinking style, work discipline, concentration, strength, self-confidence, mobbing, amygdala control, detecting and resisting lies / manipulation / distortion / deception, information gathering and truth. deciphering techniques, intuitive decision-making, process and result-oriented, never giving up, getting into the habit of success and the OODA cycle

Anatomy of the brain, psychology in communication, voice externalization, socratic questioning, subliminal messages, self-awareness, monoidealism, sensory enhancement, fight against depression, stress management, mood control, mental stamina, emotional flexibility, meditative level, breath, point focus, ego and juggler combating, suggestion, cognitive distortions and behavioral therapy, topological thinking and neurotransmitic effects

Creativity workshop, business idea finding and development techniques, use of variables, cross perspective, Hedgehog Model, Blue Ocean Strategy, Parkinson’s law, value innovation realization, strategy canvas, business model canvas, empathy map, surveying, commercial modeling, SCAMPER approach, project maturation stages and lean entrepreneurship, elevator sentence, drawing quartet, preparation and presentation of business plan and financial statements

Setting up and managing websites, creating banners, promotional films, e-catalogs, jingles and other electronic promotional materials, installing server, switchboard and digital automation systems, basic level coding (Python) and WordPress site installation

Supply chain, shipping and process management in logistics, electronic collection systems, customer relationship management and CRM applications, R&D activities, volume, replication and scaling models, optimization of business processes and cycle acceleration activities

Creating brief, branding and positioning, conventional and digital marketing, neuro-marketing, social media page, camp

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